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Creating Family Seasonal Traditions: How we celebrate Autumn in our home

One of my most favourite parts of being a Mama is getting to create magic and memories for my children.

Seasons and traditional holidays are the perfect opportunity to build upon, get creative and be inspired by - and who doesn't love a theme right!

It's such a wonderful way to mark the cyclic rhythms of the year, teach my kids about nature and the world around them and it just feels nice.

From collecting, curating and creating decorations and decor to fill the house with, creating little scenes and nature tables in line with the season for my kids (and I!) to enjoy, and simply changing up the house to accomodate that 'seasons' needs and aesthetics.

Autumn would have to be my favourite, as I see it as the marker of slowing down and preparing the house for the cooler months. A warm solace to come home to after a busy day out and about in the world.

A basket of crochet rugs, homemade beeswax candles, bowls of apples, mandarins and pinecones. We collect Autumn leaves and little nuts for our nature table. I pull out our collection of Easter and Autumn books on display which we read through the season.

The duvets, wooly socks, hand knitted jumpers and uggs come out. Hot cross buns, bread baking, the slow cooker re-emerges and the whole home just feels super cosy.

Our Top 5 Favourite Autumn Traditions
  1. Apple Picking (see below)

  2. Seasonal Nature Table

  3. Themed Board Games (Orchard and Beatrix Potter Paths & Burrows are our favs)

  4. Making (and eating!) hot cross buns, apple pie and apple/pear cake

  5. Reading seasonal books (The Autumn Story, The Great Apple Chase, The Story of the Wind Children).

At the top of our Autumn tradition list is apple picking - something we started when my first born was one. We return every year for the pilgrimage up the Mountains to Bilpin, with a carload of gumboots, jackets, baskets and excitement.

It's just so wholesome and honestly a day I look forward to all year. To see the kids running through the orchard, filling their baskets with beautiful, fresh apples. Lifting the little ones up to reach the gold at the tops of the trees. Delighted that I'm educating my 'city kids' on where their food comes from and the natural cycle of life and nature, all while soaking up the crisp, clean air under the warm and much welcomed Autumn sun.

If you haven't tried it yet, apple picking season typically runs from Feb - April and there are a number of orchards offering 'pick your own' in Bilpin. And if you have more time, walnut and chestnut picking further up the mountain at Mt Irvine is also a must-do! It's literally a real-life, nature treasure hunt and SO MUCH FUN.

What traditions have you started with your family? Do you create a seasonal table at home?

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