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Gradient Strip
Sarah Fairley
2/4 Manifesting Generator
Libra Sun / Aries Rising / Gemini Moon

A multi-passionate, bubbly and energetic being, Sarah balances her time between her not one, but two soul-led businesses (The Little Bloome Co and The Bloome Co), supporting her husband in their home renovation company and loving on her four beautiful children.

After the birth of her fourth baby in 2022, Sarah waved goodbye to her decade-long, corporate career to focus on her family and pursue her dream of creating a wellness and events company for her community, here in Sydney. 

Sarah’s previous role, leading the wellbeing and voice of her corporate team as Head of People and Culture, played perfectly into the way she now nurtures, coaches and connects others to play to their strengths, chase down dreams and thrive holistically (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually). 

Sarah is committed to educating, empowering and celebrating women of all ages, facilitating a journey of discovery and a remembering of who they are outside of their myriad roles, via self-care, rites of passage celebration, connection and self-development.

With a background in dance teaching, and having three daughters of her own, Sarah is passionate about supporting as many young girls as she can, to learn, embrace and feel good about themselves and their bodies.

A wellness, nutrition and self-development junkie, Sarah also LOVES to craft and create, tend to her veggie garden, make kombucha, thrift for treasures and have lounge room dance parties with her family. 

Sarah is a Certified First Moon Circle Facilitator, Human Design Reader and Primary Ethics Teacher.

*IICT Member, WWC. 


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