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The Bloome Co

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

Wellness and events are my jam. And educating, empowering and celebrating women to live the life they truly deserve, as their most authentic self is my mission. 

Welcome to The Bloome Co.


Ready to level up your life and step into the 'you' that you were born to be?

Let's rediscover and ignite the soul within.

Outside of responsibilities, labels and distraction, Who is that woman? What does she care about? What are her passions? Her hopes? Her desires? Her purpose? Her 'why'?

A journey of self-discovery, self-belief, self-expression and purpose. 

helping you with...

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Designing Your Dream Life

Stop letting life happen TO you. Let's take the wheel and create your life's masterpiece.

I host workshops in goal setting, dream life creation, values, vision boarding, bucket lists and more, to help you build the life of your dreams.


Human Design

Human Design is your personal blueprint. A guide to the way you were created to 'be' in this lifetime. 

We'll go through the foundations of your HD chart, and together, determine how you can apply your individual strategy easily to your life and maximise your unique design.

Learn where you can thrive in alignment to your energetic gifts, lean into your truth, amplify your individuality and embrace all parts of you.


Heartfelt Events

I believe every day is worth celebrating, but particularly the life-changing ones.

It's my honour to facilitate rite-of-passage and wellness events for women including Mother Blessings, First Moon Circles, Women's Circles, Bridal Blessings and more.


Love letters from clients...

"My favourite moment from the workshop was the guided meditation. It really helped to pluck me out of my life stressors and drop me into dreaming about the future. I also really enjoyed leaving behind things in the previous year and ripping up the paper I wrote them on. Very cathartic. Also, the glorious dance break!"

~ Charlotte (Workshop Attendee)

"I felt so positive, calm and nurtured after the workshop. I felt like it was a real investment in myself and found it very nurturing for my soul." ~ Hayley (Workshop Attendee)

" Oh my goodness I have loved reading this SO much.  Every few nights I have another read and take something new away from it.  I found it so interesting and enlightening!"

~ Kathryn (Human Design Session)

Image by Katie Harp

"I absolutely enjoyed my reading and I am so, so happy to have such clarity around some of the things I have been feeling and stressing over lately." ~ Steph (Human Design Session)

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