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Ceremonies & Gatherings

Celebrate. Connect. Empower.


Mother Blessing

Empowering, honouring and supporting the glowing Mama-to-be with her sacred circle of close women spoiling her with love, self-care and positive energy ahead of birth. An intentional alternative to a traditional baby shower, for first-time Mamas we honour the journey from maiden to mother. Mother Blessings are also perfect for second, third or fourth-time Mamas. 

Bridal Blessing

Celebrating and honouring the bride-to-be in an intimate, very special event, filled with love, support and good wishes as she enters this next beautiful chapter of her life, from a Miss to a Mrs. 

Perfect to include as part (or instead) of a hens or kitchen tea celebration.


First Moon Circle

First Moon Circles are a beautiful, empowering alternative to traditional period education for girls aged 9-12, featuring craft, conversations and a special mother-daughter celebration. 

For more information, head to The Little Bloome Co page.

Booking Your Event

Events vary in fees depending on the size and complexity of the ceremony.

The cost can also be shared among the attendees.

Each booking includes setup of the circle, props, craft or a custom activity (as chosen by the person being honoured), circle facilitation and music.

I'm happy to provide a bespoke experience for any type of celebration or rite-of-passage if different from the above.

Connect with me and let's discuss your upcoming ceremony.

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