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Oh Hey 2024! [Word of the Year, In's and Out's and Vision Board]

Here we go!

The year I turn 40. Miss 5 starts school. Mr 3 starts Preschool which means for the first time in five years, I’ll have only one baby at home (2 days/per week)! 

We have some beautiful holidays in the works. One of my dearest friends who lives O/S and who I'd hoped to see as one of my goals, just shared that she’s moving home!!! Yay! Tick! 

I have a selection of self-care activities locked in including a skincare assessment, finding a new chiropractor and having a reiki cleanse.

I’m gifting myself a retreat as my 40th present! Bring it on!

More running, more yoga, more workouts AND a trek with a beautiful friend thrown in. Squeal!!!!

Some fun and creative intentions include reading 15 fiction books, knitting woollen socks for my family, finishing my crochet blanket from last year and creating a beautiful guest room at my home. 

Teaching my big girls about finance and relearning Chess. Diving deep into homeopathy (my latest obsession).

Monthly dates with my husband. Monthly dates with my best friend. 

Exciting business goals and plans which I cannot wait to share soon!


My Word for the Year: “Connection”

After a year of going inward in 2023, this year is all about deepening the connection with myself and my needs, spending one-on-one time with my husband, quality time with my children being really present and available to them, as well as getting back out there in the world, but this time, doing it really intentionally. 

2024 Ins

  • Early mornings

  • Learning about investing

  • Self-expression

  • Quality over quantity (people, time, belongings, food etc)

  • Free weekends

  • Increasing outdoor time (reading, working, playing, eating, exercising)

  • More yoga

  • Alternative healthcare 

  • Community + Connections + Collaborations

  • Chess

  • Self-care 

  • Using my voice

2024 Outs

  • Late nights

  • Scrolling when I feel stuck/unsure

  • Stop sweating the small stuff

  • Doing things alone

  • Labels

  • Alcohol (except for special occasions)

  • Boring routines

  • Saying yes, when I mean no

  • Buying more books before I’ve finished my ‘yet to read’ pile

Vision Board

Introducing my (intentional*) vision board for 2024!

What’s on your board this year? What are your goals/intentions?

And if you haven’t yet created one, or determined your goals/intentions for the year, please don’t stress! Anytime is a good time to start, it doesn’t always have to be Jan. It could simply be your 'Do More Of' list from your reflection. There's no rules. Do what feels right for YOU.

Stay tuned for an announcement soon re 2024 workshop dates!

*Intentional vision boards you create as a visual representation of the goals and intentions you set for yourself. This process is using your rational brain and is more specific/precise than 

intuitive vision boards. Easiest to create online with an image search function.

Intuitive vision boards as the name suggests, are more intuition-based. They typically include images, words, colours or images that evoke an emotion in you, selected by what your soul is attracted to or desires unconsciously. These are what I teach in my workshops, as they involve selecting and curating random images that don’t necessarily make sense or reason at the time. These are typically done with magazines, newspapers etc glued onto card in a collage. 

My 2023 Intuitive Vision Board

I’ll put together a whole other blog on this as it’s something I’m super passionate about!

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